Wellness Services

At Sacred Treehouse, you will find a variety of holistic services to help you in your quest for mindful wellness. Our individual services are provided by highly skilled and intensively trained professionals.

Individual Therapeutic Yoga

Where mind and body meet, authentic healing can occur.  Therapists and physicians often recommend yoga to those recovering from physical injuries, emotional trauma, depression and many other conditions.  A gifted yoga teacher can help you connect to your body, and find the ideal balance between strength and softness.  Our instructors, Aly Ramirez and Anni Johnston, follow the SAFE Yoga(TM)  principles to provide a rewarding experience for every participant.
1 hr session $125

Individual Mindfulness Coaching

Whether you are just beginning your mindful journey, or have been on the path for years, everyone can benefit from an experienced guide.  Our purpose is not to tell you which path to take, but to connect with your inner compass and find the path meant for only you.  Dr. Patty Shutt and Anni Johnston, LMHC offer individual consultations at our Delray Beach location.
45 minutes $225 and up

Somatic Release

Somatic Release sessions focus on using the wisdom your own bodily (somatic) response to identify, heal and clear old blocks or current pattens that can create personal limitation or exhaustion. Each session is a complete experience in itself and leaves you lighter, clearer and more empowered. Working within a series allows you to fully integrate the practice to make it your own. 45 minutes $225

Moving Meditation

This is ideal for Creatives, Therapists or those familiar with the impulse of creativity and healing in action.  This is a silent process which is “witnessed” by the leader thereby allowing the practice to go to a deep inner state. The sharing is done in a particular fashion to allow important and elucidating feedback, allowing further integration and understanding for the “mover.”  Anni Johnston, LMHC is a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist. 45 minutes $225

To schedule individual services, please call us at (561) 303-1185