Why Meditate?

The powerful effects of meditation cannot be understated. A simple and calming mental exercise, meditation is essentially the practice of training the mind to maintain deep and focused concentration. Anyone can easily learn the fundamentals of meditation and begin to experience the numerous physical and mental benefits. In addition to an immediate sense of calm and deep relaxation, over time many participants experience improvements in blood pressure, concentration, memory, patience, self-control and emotional balance. As practice progresses, individuals gain an increased ability to harmonize the body and mind, directing both thought and action toward positive goals.

Try it! – 5 Minute Breathing Space Meditation…
Got 5 minutes? Listen to  Dr. Shutt’s Breath Meditation now …
Embodying Loving Presence Meditation….

People who meditate enjoy many health benefits (both physical and mental) compared with people who don’t. Everybody can do it, and you don’t need incense, a fancy cushion or a personal guru – just a quiet place to sit.  Here are just a few reasons why you should make meditation a part of your daily routine:

  1. Reduce Stress. Not just while you’re meditating, but throughout the day you will feel calmer, more grounded and better able to handle the curve balls that come your way.
  2. Improve Concentration. Your ability to focus, learn and ultimately perform are greatly enhanced by the practice of meditation.
  3. Relieve Pain. A recent study found that participants with minimal training in meditation (a total of 80 minutes in all) perceived pain as 45% less intense than participants who did not meditate
  4. Improve Relationships. Mindfulness meditation helps you to understand your emotions, and to better tune in to the needs of others.
  5. Help Your Heart. Numerous studies have shown that regular meditation can improve overall heart health, especially high-blood pressure.
  6. Find Your Self! Continued practice of meditation brings you closer to understanding your true nature where you will find self-acceptance and love.

Meditation at Sacred Treehouse

For all classes, please arrive a few minutes early to set up your cushion or chair as meditation groups will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

Beginning Meditation
The instruction in meditation is led by an experienced practitioner who will introduce a variety of meditation techniques and guide students through the practice.  It is recommended to attend a minimum of 8 sessions.  $100 for 8-Session Package/$20 Drop In Fee

Vipassana Meditation
Silent meditation for experienced practitioners.  Must have completed 8-week Beginning Meditation Class, MBSR or have a solid home meditation practice. (Donation Requested)

Somatic Based Meditation Group
This meditation group builds on the work illustrated in David Hawkins, “Letting Go,” and Eckhardt Tolle’s, “Power of Now,” to facilitate letting go of unwanted reactions or discomfort in the body/mind system and to enhance one’s own personal observing presence.

Individual Moving Meditation
Ideal for creatives, therapists or those familiar with the impulse of creativity and healing in action. Individual Movement is a silent process which is “witnessed” by the moderator thereby allowing the practice to go to a deep inner state. The sharing is done in a particular fashion to allow important and elucidating feedback, enabling further integration and understanding for the “mover.” ($225/45-minute session)