In response to COVID-19, we are not offering in-person classes at this time. However, we are offering virtual classes via Zoom to further enhance your mindfulness practice.

Sacred Treehouse is a meditation and education center dedicated to helping you discover the peaceful strength needed to face life's challenges, big and small. Here, you will find a calm sanctuary from the frenzied world of materialism, superficiality and infinite demands.

Our mission is to awaken your spirit and give you the tools to live a more complete and meaningful life.

Try Something New At Treehouse

Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

Learn to cultivate a mindful self-compassion practice at our upcoming intro workshop. This two-hour workshop is designed to help participants learn how to start or enhance their mindfulness practice and practice self-care. The workshop is $15 and you can register below.

Intro to MSC Monday, December 7 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Healthyself Mindfulness Group for Healing Professionals

Fridays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm with Dr. Nikki Davis

Cultivate better self-care practices, manage stress more effectively, improve clinical skills including communication, attunement and compassion, and increase work satisfaction through mindfulness. Weekly meeting for helping professionals including doctors, psychologists, nurses and other medical or mental health professionals. Focusing on both discussion and experiential practices. 

Virtual Group Via Zoom. Please make sure to include your email address with your registration. 
$20/per session or $100/10 Sessions

Guided Meditation

Thursdays 5:15 pm – 5:45 pm with Clara Bossie, LMFT

Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention. We can pay attention to our thoughts, emotions, sensations and awareness. As we do this our mind will naturally want to wander and instead we encourage it to stay with the present moment experience. 

The Sacred Treehouse guided meditation meets virtually via Zoom platform and is an ideal approach for beginners. Additionally, experienced practitioners will find that guided meditation can be a welcomed refuge from particularly stressful moments or a busy mind. In this meditation style, the facilitator will guide your practice aloud. You are invited to savor and utilize the experience to anchor and inform your practice. We will begin promptly with simple instruction as we orient ourselves into the guided practice. Following the guided mediation participants will have an opportunity for inquiry. 

Recommended Reading: Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

Virtual Group Via Zoom. Please make sure to include your email address with your registration. 
$10/per session

Individual Mindfulness Coaching Available Online

If you have trouble integrating your mindfulness practice into your daily life, or are stuck, dissatisfied or overwhelmed in your practice, schedule an individual coaching session with one of our experts. Dr. Patty Shutt, Anni Johnston, LMHC-S, BC D/M-T, CYT, and Dr. Nicole Davis are available for one-on-one coaching. Call (561) 303-1185 to schedule an appointment.