CALM Teen Program

CALM (Creating Acceptance, Living Mindfully)

Teen Program

What Causes Teen Stress?

Your adolescent may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed by both internal and external sources of stress.  The top 10 causes of teen stress include:

  1. Academic pressures (perfectionistic tendency or expectations from self/others)
  2. Physiological changes (genetics, hormones, poor self-care)
  3. Social interactions or social media
  4. Family problems, including divorce
  5. Peer pressure
  6. Poor time management, including overscheduling
  7. Traumatic events or losses
  8. Dating relationships
  9. Low self-esteem or poor body image
  10. Unhealthy competition

CALM Teen Program at Sacred Treehouse

Sacred Treehouse’s CALM (Creating Acceptance, Living Mindfully) Teen Program is an early intervention program that teaches lifelong stress management skills in a peaceful and warm environment.  Rooted in a holistic, evidence-based approach, the CALM Teen Program offers several paths for stress reduction. Mindfulness, a practice with strong scientific backing, encourages participants to observe their thoughts with acceptance and non-judgment through meditation.  Lasting benefits include reduced stress and anxiety levels, increased concentration, and improved relationships.  Classes include gentle yoga and stretching, mindful meditation,  group discussion, and self-reflection activities. Services include:

  • MBSR-T (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens): An adolescent version of the eight week mindfulness program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.  Teens will learn mindfulness and meditation techniques.  Program led by Patricia Shutt, Psy.D., CEDS.
  • Mindful Expressive Art Journaling:  Get in touch with your creative self and start to destress! Learn to use art as a mindfulness tool for stress reduction.  Come without expectations – just allow yourself to participate in creative play!  You do not need to be an artist or have prior experience with art to enjoy the benefits of expressive art. Participants will learn to play with all types of media, including watercolor, mixed media, and even bubble painting.
  • SAFE Yoga:  SAFE stands for Sensitive Approach for Everyone.  All of our teen yoga classes are based on the foundation of a SAFE approach.  For more information, please visit the SAFE Yoga page.
  • Supervised Fitness:  Regular exercise is an important component of stress management.   Our personalized training encourages teens to be fully present and mindful during their physical experience.  Movement is added as part of a greater mind-body-soul connection.  Sessions led by Ashley Leising, MS, Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Teen Cooking & Intuitive Eating Workshops: Teens receive conflicting and confusing messages about nutrition and dieting. Making food choices can be overwhelming. Christie Caggiani, RDN, LDN, CEDRD, is a registered experienced dietitian who enjoys working with adolescents. During her cooking classes and workshops, teens will learn how to listen to their bodies, making fulfilling and nourishing food choices.

Private groups are available.  To inquire, please call 561.303.1185.