šŸŒæHeart opening help from Mother NaturešŸŒŽ

This week I interviewed Michaela, aka MK, to discover how she connects to Mother Earth and what plants can help us open our hearts andĀ set the stage for a deeper connection in everyday life. She was a joy to chat with and has lots of wisdom to share!Ā Check out the interview here. Also, we included her social links, online herbal shop, and dive deeper into the power of herbs on her podcast (@whats.the.teapodcast).

Michaela began studying nutrition, which then led her to a path of a moreĀ Ā holistic way of living.Ā Turning inward and working with her mental health and heart-centered living, all guided by an Earth-based spirituality and a communion with the plants and the land around us. She incorporates many modalitiesĀ of holistic health and well-beingĀ into her business, Barefood & Barefoot, such as, yoga, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, plant medicine, the energetics of plants and more. She recently launched a new podcast with Jesse Rose where they host candid conversation over a cup of tea, all centered around [whole]istic living, spirituality and more.

website:Ā barefoodandbarefoot.com
podcast:Ā https://barefoodandbarefoot.com/podcast/
instagram: @barefoodandbarefoot, @whats.the.teapodcast
herb shop:Ā https://barefoodandbarefoot.com/product-category/herbshop/

Peterson’s Field Guide East Coast:

Academy of Culinary Nutrition:

The Herbal Academy of New England:

Lizzie is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has a vision of helping people all around the world shine their light and live their most aligned life. She recently received her B.S in Horticulture at the University of Florida and Holistic Health Coach certification from IIN. She has combined her two passions, environmental stewardship and helping others, by creating an online coaching program that connects clients to their body, mind, soul, and nature. Taking inspiration from natureā€™s interconnected designs, Lizzie works with clients to create a balanced life ecosystem that supports them in living an aligned life. Connect with her on Instagram @lizzie_shutt or www.lizzieshutt.com