Intuition and Mindfulness💕

As humans who are part of the natural world, I believe we can know exactly what our needs are and can be resourceful in getting them met. When you observe a bird going about its day – singing in the morning, eating worms in the lawn, playing tag with its friends, and ending the day sleeping in a tree – there is no one telling that bird what to do, it simply knows. We are no different than that bird; some would say we are more intelligent, but I argue our so-called intelligence has often made us more disconnected from our inner signals than that bird. I do believe there is a way to reconnect and live in alignment with your truth in a 21st century modern world – it’s called Intuitive Living. 

Intuition is becoming more of a buzzword nowadays, yet cultivating intuition and using your intuition to guide your life sounds somewhat elusive. Oxford Dictionary defines intuition as “one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning”. Many times people will describe intuition as a gut feeling or their heart knowing the answer. This can still make it unapproachable for people who question “is this the right feeling?”,  “am I doing this right?”  or if they struggle to connect their life experiences with feelings in their body. 

If you like the sound of developing your connection to this inner-knowing that can aid in guiding us on life’s questions – whether big or small – one way is starting with practicing mindfulness in your daily life. 

Mindfulness is a foundational skill  to connect with your intuition. I teach my clients how to connect with their body and mind through mindfulness practices and mindful check-ins. Mindfulness in daily life opens your eyes to see life in a fresh way, to potentially notice things you never saw before or to look at the same things with a newfound understanding, appreciation, and/or beauty. 

My clients and I have found developing mindfulness around our meals to be super beneficial and accessible because it is already part of daily life. There are simply just a few tweaks that turn a meal into a mindful meal: 

1) By approaching the meal with intention to be fully present.

2) Bring one pointed attention– choose a sense to focus on like taste, smell, or the texture of each bite.

3) Use nonjudgmental observation by noting – Just The Facts! 

So guess what? You don’t even have to sit and meditate everyday to start a mindfulness practice. This month here on Sacred Treehouse blog I will share a recording on an intuitive eating process you can use to begin your meal! 

Sacred Treehouse has lots of other wonderful blogs on how to start incorporating mindfulness in daily life so check out these if you want to read more about practices:

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The basis of intuitive living -as I am describing this month  – is living in alignment with your body, mind, and soul’s needs – and it grows by intentionally  paying attention to your daily patterns. This “pattern recognition skill” is mindfulness in action! By using non-judgemental observation of what you do / say / think / feel- on a daily basis you will begin to recognize your patterns.  From there, you can decide if these patterns support your true authentic self or if they distract you from being the best version of you! 

This is just a taste into intuitive living. I am excited to share some insights and practices this month in the weekly blog as we continue towards a deeper dive into this topic! OFFERING TO GET YOU STARTED:


I am hosting a live challenge starting TOMORROW Monday Oct 4th 5:30 EST that runs every day this week, same time till Friday Oct 8th. If you are trying to implement a self care or mindfulness practice and are struggling to make it actually stick, you should join me!! It will give you the foundational understanding and tools to create a ritual that suits your needs right now and sets you up for living an aligned life! Attend all sessions or watch the recording replay to start your self-care plan. Only those who participate in live or recorded sessions will be entered to win. The calls are one hour on Zoom each day and the recordings will be available in the private Facebook group so be sure to join here:

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Hope to see you on one of the calls this week

 Lizzie and The Sacred Treehouse Faculty

Lizzie is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has a vision of helping people all around the world shine their light and live their most aligned life. She recently received her B.S in Horticulture at the University of Florida and Holistic Health Coach certification from IIN. She has combined her two passions, environmental stewardship and helping others, by creating an online coaching program that connects clients to their body, mind, soul, and nature. Taking inspiration from nature’s interconnected designs, Lizzie works with clients to create a balanced life ecosystem that supports them in living an aligned life. Connect with her on Instagram @lizzie_shutt or