Cultivating self trust👀by looking within!

This month I have talked about intuition and living authentically, which are intertwined and evolve together. However before fully living intuitively and authentically you need to develop self-trust. Trust between body, mind, and soul is what I believe is one of the building blocks to living your most aligned life (second building block is mindfulness). I think self-trust is something we can all benefit from strengthening right now amidst uncertain times. If you have felt powerless, like you have no control over what’s happening in the world, I encourage you to redirect your focus from the external → to the internal. Focus on what you can control and thus begin to build trust from within. Self-trust is like faith, you can tune into this inner trust at any point in life and understand that “I am doing the best I can” “Everything is happening for me, not to me” “I am in control of how I choose to respond”. If you enjoy mantras or affirmations you may want to use one of those or create your own to remind yourself that even through painful and overwhelming challenges arise, you can experience growth or healing if you so choose. Internal trust is necessary to take those intuitive leaps of start the project you’ve been pushing off, to commit to prioritizing your health, to shine your light authentically in life and not care what others think of you. At the beginning of the month I shared my go-to way to start developing internal trust: mindful eating! I picked out a special podcast for you to listen to this week that dives deeper into what self-trust means, what it looks like, what it can help us with, and what it can lead to and so much more! Give it a listen and let me know what you think by emailing me @ [email protected]Listen to podcast here:
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Lizzie Shutt

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Lizzie is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has a vision of helping people all around the world shine their light and live their most aligned life. She recently received her B.S in Horticulture at the University of Florida and Holistic Health Coach certification from IIN. She has combined her two passions, environmental stewardship and helping others, by creating an online coaching program that connects clients to their body, mind, soul, and nature. Taking inspiration from nature’s interconnected designs, Lizzie works with clients to create a balanced life ecosystem that supports them in living an aligned life. Connect with her on Instagram @lizzie_shutt or