Heart Centered at Work ❤

The final offering this month within the theme of bringing mindfulness to work is our interview with Lisa Shaheen, Certified HeartMath facilitator and holistic coach. I have known Lisa for over 15 years, as our children attended primary school together and were both introduced and practiced Heart Math in school each day. At the time, I was in love with Heart Math and felt blessed that my children received this training and practice in daily life. 

Lisa was also in love with Heart Math and went on to train and become a facilitator. For the past several years Lisa has been offering Heart Math training for our clients at Therapeutic Oasis and our students at Sacred Treehouse to help bring balance in mind and body. 

This month the Therapeutic Oasis (my full-time place of work) will be offering staff and providers The Resilience Advantage: A Heart Math training for executives and employees as a way to reduce stress, increase creativity, and create balance. We are a company that is committed to practicing what we teach and fostering a work environment that brings the values of the company alive each day. 

The Resilience Advantage Benefits include:

  • Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings, and projects
  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information, and solve problems
  • Heightened creativity and innovation
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations
  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues
  • Increased regenerative sleep
  • Increased vitality and resilience
  • Reduced stress, worry, and fatigue

Sacred Treehouse will also be offering this training virtually to anyone interested to incorporate into your workday or bring to your team in October….Sign up Here. 

Now for the interview with Lisa Shaheen, Certified HeartMath Trainer, colleague, and friend. LISTEN HERE

With love and gratitude to Lisa and all beings,

Patty and the Sacred Treehouse faculty

Dr. Patricia Shutt

Patty Thomas Shutt, founder of Sacred Treehouse, is a licensed psychologist and co-owner of  Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches  Dr. Shutt is passionate about helping others discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  She offers Beginner Meditation & Advanced Meditation classes at Sacred Treehouse, in addition to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self-Compassion and various book studies throughout the year.