We are one 🌏

I have a tendency to be incredibly competitive, and it is during election years that this habitual pattern towards rivalry and striving appears in its most colorful iteration. I can become so deeply passionate about my perspective on the “right”ness of things, that it can seem more than just ambitious and passionate and become polarizing. Like I have something important to prove, and when I can’t or fall short, I can end up feeling less than, depleted and lonely.

It is during these times I have learned to remind myself that is isn’t my perspective on this year’s political platform that makes me (or anyone else really!) valuable and good. Rather, it is my/our most basic humanness that does … the ability to show up for others in times of suffering, a willingness to learn and listen, a belief in the basic goodness of people. Our common experiences of love, pain, joy. When I remember that I am basically good and that my passion has deep roots in wanting to mitigate our collective suffering through a lens of COMpassion and love, it reminds me that others probably feel this same way, too. 

Really, in the grand scheme of things we all want the same things … connection, safety, contentment, to feel loved and cared about. And when I dig deep and see my “opponents” as just the same as me, I soften and approach, instead of putting up my emotional shield and drawing my intellectual sword. I lean in. It is not easy, but I invite you to do the same … “reframe” your position on political issues through the lens of love and connection. How does your basic human goodness inform your perspective? How might these also inform someone with differing beliefs? And see if you soften too 💜. Perhaps with a heart centered view we can see our way into making our world safe, healthy, and filled with love and kindness.  If only we all, all around the globe, did this … what an incredible revolution that would be!

May you find your way toward seeing the greatness within and shine this light toward others,

Nikki and all the Sacred Treehouse Faculty

Nicole Davis is a licensed clinical psychologist at Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches  Dr. Davis has received extensive training in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and maintains her own personal practice in these as well.  At Sacred Treehouse, she facilitates group mindfulness courses, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention, and other mindfulness-based seminars and workshops. She also offers meditation & yoga classes at Sacred Treehouse.